Switch from TIER4 into TIER2 is easier now


Since January 2018 it is no longer needed to wait for your final exam results under your student TIER4 General visa to have the possibility to apply for a work TIER2 General visa from within the UK.

Since January 2018 it is easier to switch from TIER4 General visa into TIER2 General visa (after completing Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, or completing 12-months minimum study towards PhD).

You can switch into TIER2 General before you receive your final exam results under your TIER4 General visa. Usually, TIER4 General visa expires before students receive their final exam results, and they can apply for a TIER2 General visa already from outside the UK.

This change will fasten the procedure to switch from one visa into another from within the UK. Moreover, your future employer doesn’t have to undertake Resident Labour Market Test.

All informations on this page have been last updated on : 11 May 2018

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