Do you need UK visa? UK.Visas.Consulting experts will prepare all your documents and provide you with our fast and stress-free service to apply for a UK visa.

UK.Visas.Consulting agency provides assistance to apply for all types of British visas. We take care about all paper work, we work distantly, you save your time! Our specialty is to get you a visa after refusal, when the immigration officers provide you with a refusal letter. If you work with us, you get professional service tailored just for you.

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UK visa, one of the most difficult to get

With more than 3 millions applications in 2020, the british visa is one of the hardest to get. The number of refusals is one of the highest in the world, over 10% of the total number of applications for UK visas.
Every year, the British Government tightens requirements. Immigration Officers check every document that you provide, they can even call your employer and your bank. Any unreliable information that is presented to the visa officer, leads to a 10-year-ban maximum. The reason behind this : to reduce the terrorist threat and illegal immigration.
That is why it is necessary to prepare a large list of documents, and there are more than 100 questions in the visa application, some of them are quite surprising. You need to get thoroughly ready to receive a UK visa!

Steps to getting your British visa

Assessment of your chances

Call us now or leave a request for a callback so we can contact you. We will evaluate free of charge your chances to get your UK visa.

Contract and payment for our services

We prepare a contract, if you agree with our services. You make the payment and we start working with a consultation to define your case. We will send you the list of documents needed in your situation by e-mail. When you collect all the documents, you send us their copies.

Preparation of documents

We check your documents and prepare their translation into English.

Complete online visa application

We fill in the visa application in English on the official website for visa application and take an appointment for you to visit the visa center of your choice.

Visa fee payment

We or you proceed to the visa fee payment, due to the visa official website for registration.

Final check

We send you the instructions on how to organise your documents to visit the visa center, as well as translations of the documents and the application form itself by e-mail. You will only have to print them out! Otherwise we can upload your documents on UK Visa Centre web-site.

Visiting the visa center

You visit the UK visa center on the appropriate day and time. You give your documents and biometric data. Since then, you will have to wait for the decision and when ready you can get your passport back. You personally pick up the passport from the visa center, or get it with a courier service.

Now let’s read more about us and why choose our agency rather than another one.

Why work with us?

First advice is for free

We will evaluate your chances of obtaining a UK visa for free. We will contact you to discuss your situation before signing our contract.

Experience and expertise

Our Manager team has more than 10 years of experience in visa agency dealing with the most difficult cases of obtaining UK visas. We give honest advice. Your interests are our priority and satisfaction of our customers is the foundation which our reputation is built on! If we understand that it is impossible for you to get a UK visa, we will not hide this information and waste your time and money.


There is no visa agency, which can guarantee that you will receive your UK visa, because the decision is made by Immigration Officers at UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration). But with us you are sure that your documents are 100% checked and ready to be presented at the visa centre.

Flexible prices and Offers

You can choose to pay only for part of our service, for instance, if you need just a consultation, or documents translation. Discount is available for groups of 3 and more people. We have no hidden fees, you can check the final price in the contract. You can always find an agreement with us!

Ease of our service

We work remotely. It means that you don't need to lose your time to go to our office. No chance that your documents can be lost. Work process with us is fast and easy. You just need to go to the UK visa centre with prepared document on the date of your appointment. You can contact us by phone, e-mail, Whatsapp and Telegram.

Fast and efficient service

Stop wasting your time searching for information about UK visas, filling in online application, translating documents into English. Your documents are processed right after we receive them. If necessary you can apply for a UK visa the very next day, thanks to priority services of UK.Visas.Consulting and the british visa centre!

We speak English, French, Russian

If you need a consultation in another language, our specialists can speak English, French or Russian!

Have more questions about how we work together to prepare all documents for your british visa?