FAQ : most frequently asked questions about UK visas

What are the questions for a TIER4 Interview?

Only TIER 4 General Students have to pass the interview with a British Embassy representative. The interview is conducted in English on skype. Here are examples of the questions:

  • Why did you choose the UK for your studies?
  • Why did you choose this University?
  • Why did you choose this course?
  • What do you plan to do after you finish your course?

Is it mandatory for children to visit the visa centre?

All applicants have to visit the visa centre.

Can I apply for a UK visa if my passport is going to expire soon?

Your passport should be valid during the whole period of your trip to the United Kingdom. You should have at least one page in your passport that is blank from both sides.

For how long time my bank and work references should be valid?

All financial documents must be made within the period of 1 month before the moment when you apply for a UK visa in the visa centre.

What if I did not use my UK visa for my trip?

If you did not travel to the UK with your UK visa, there is nothing to worry about. You can explain your situation and why you could not go to the UK. There should be no refusal because of this issue.

Is my visa fee refunded if my UK visa is refused ?

Unfortunately no, the Immigration Service doesn’t refund the visa fee, if your visa is refused.

Is my IHS insurance refunded if my UK visa is refused?

If you paid for IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) as the part of your visa application, the payment will be refunded if your UK visa is refused. It happens automatically in about 40 days.

Do I need the original documents from the UK (from people who invited me)?

No, you don’t need to the originals. It is enough to show the copies of these documents.

Do I need to buy the air-tickets and pay for the hotel before i apply for a UK visa?

You don’t need to pay for air-tickets and hotel. It is enough to show hotel reservation (you can book it with free cancellation option).

Can you provide me with the financial documents to apply for my visa?

No! We don’t provide any kind of financial documents to you. And we don’t advise the applicant to show false documents when you apply for a UK visa, because these documents are checked by an immigration officer. We know that many agencies do provide such false financial documents, it is clearly the best way to get a refusal! If there is any doubt, a visa officer will refuse your visa with a 10-year-pre-ban to enter the UK.

Do I have to show my boyfriend/girlfriend in the UK in my visa application?

If you are in the relationship with a UK citizen, and you have plans for a common future, we strongly recommend showing the information about this person in the visa application (How important it is to show friends and relatives in the UK).

Do I need to visit a visa centre each time i apply for a UK visa?

You have to visit a visa centre and provide with your biometric details each time you apply for a UK visa.

How much time can I spend in the UK under my visitor visa (tourist / guest / business / sport)?

We recommend to stay in the UK not longer than 90 days (and even less is better) per each 6 months. It is better if you don’t stay these 90 days in a row.

Do I need to provide my documents with a notary English translation?

You don’t need to provide with a notary English translation of your documents. You need your translator to confirm the accuracy of his translation and provide his contact details.

Do I need to wait for some time to apply for a new visa after my visa is refused?

If you don’t have a 10-year-ban to enter the UK, in general you don’t have to wait before the new application after your UK visa is refused. For more information you can contact our agency.

Do I have the right to appeal if my visitor visa is refused?

Unfortunately, you don’t have this right, if you apply for a visitor visa.

Can I travel to the UK with a Schengen visa?

No, you cant travel to the UK with a valid Schengen visa. You have to obtain a UK visa.

What to do if I lost my passport with a valid UK visa?

Unfortunately, you will have to apply for a UK visa again.

What to do if I made a mistake in the visa application, and I noticed it after I paid for the visa?

There is nothing wrong with that. You can prepare a special cover letter. Or you can write a correct variant in the visa centre with the permission of the visa centre specialist.

What to do if there are mistakes in my visa?

It happens that British immigration officers make mistakes in visas: applicant’s name, visa expiration dates, etc. In such cases, you can contact the support service. If immigration officers agree with their mistake, you need to send the passport to the UK for making changes. You can bring your passport to the visa centre, and they will send your passport to the UK. You should be prepared that the whole procedure can take about 4-5 weeks.