Is it worth to hide the purpose of your trip?


It happens very often when applicants submit documents for a touristic visa, hiding the actual purpose of the trip. Thus, people believe that telling the truth about why they are travelling to the UK can complicate the process to get their visa.

At UK.Visas.Consulting we recommend showing the situation as it really is. If you hide information somewhere, even if you get your visa, the truth can be revealed when you pass the border, or when you apply for a UK visa again.

Many applicants receive a touristic visa, instead of, for example, obtaining a sports visa to take part in competitions. We often face the cases when for such huge dance competitions as the Blackpool Dance Festival, athletes from other countries prefer to apply for a touristic visa. But in fact nothing is fundamentally different in documents you prepare. You only need to attach a copy of the invitation from dance organisation.

A similar situation is with those who is going to the UK for negotiations or meetings with partners. After reading the myths that russian businessmen are not warmly welcome in the UK, they apply only for tourist visas. Here again, in addition you have to show a copy of your invitation, the rest of the documents is the same as for a touristic visa.

UK.Visas.Consulting confirms, based on their work experience, that the complexity to get a sports visa or a business visa is the same as when you apply for a touristic visa.

All informations on this page have been last updated on : 15 May 2018

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