In March 2018 published the detailed statistics on how many UK visas were issued in 2017.
A total of 2,710,000 visas were issued, 339,000 visas were refused.

If we take in account general visitors, including transit passengers, then China takes the first place with a total of 531,967 issued visas. Russia is on the third place with 129,467 issued visas.

The demand for UK work visas grew by about 1% in 2017. A total of 165,131 work visas were issued. And 45,000 visas were issued for those who accompany their family members in the UK (Dependants).

In 2017 there was an increase of about 8% of issued student visas, It indicates that there were 223,336 University students and students attending various courses who received their UK visas.

The number of issued family visas (such as EEA family permit, spouse and fiance visas) is 134,857. It remained at about the same level as in 2016.
In a few weeks, it will be possible to compare the data for the first months of 2018 with the same period in 2017. Thus, we will be able to understand how the politically tense atmosphere influenced Russians’ desire to visit the UK. The Immigration Service of Great Britain does not indicate any problems with issuing visas for the Russian citizens.

All informations on this page have been last updated on : 8 May 2018

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