UK Visa after refusal


It is very unpleasant to receive a refusal for a UK visa. People have plans connected with this visa, starting from simple trip to the UK ending with joining family members or getting high-paid job.

Each refusal is unique. And in each specific situation you can fight for your UK visa. In our practice, there are successful cases of receiving a UK visa after several refusals, after a refusal for a spouse visa, after a pre-ban etc. And our clients received their long-awaited UK visas!

The most important is to take another look at the situation. It is necessary to understand where you made mistakes, what documents and information you can show in addition, and what cover letter to write. And we can assist you in that.

The only case that is very difficult to work with is the refusal when false documents were provided. Then the chance to get a UK visa is reduced to zero.

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Myths about applying for a UK visa after refusal:

  • You should wait for several months to apply again for a UK visa.
    Answer: There is no time period (quarantine) when you cannot re-apply for a UK visa (except if you received a ban).
  • It is necessary to show even more money in a bank account when you apply again for a UK visa.
    Answer: It is rare when visa officers mention the lack of funds in a bank account. But they state very often when a large amount of money in a bank account does not correspond to the applicant's salary.
  • You need to change your passport, and then the UK visa officers will not be able to find the data about the refusal for a UK visa.
    Answer: British visa officers have an extensive database of previous visa applications. By hiding information about the refusal, you risk receiving a ban for 10 years to enter the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Depending on the type of UK visa, you may have the right to an administrative review and an appeal. An administrative review usually takes up to 1 month, while an appeal can last up to 1-2 years. For visitor visas these options are not available, you will have to apply for a visa again, as well as to pay the visa fee.

UK.Visas.Consulting works with any type of visa after refusal.


  1. You send us your refusal for a UK visa by email for analysis.
  2. We send you a contract for a consultation.
  3. We provide you with a detailed consultation about your chances to apply for a UK visa after refusal.
  4. After the consultation if you decide to work with us to apply for a UK visa after the refusal, we prepare the contract for our services.

The cost of our services for the preparation of documents for visa after refusal is twice the price (plus a base fee) of the regular cost of UK.Visas.Consulting services for a specific visa (cost of services and translations).

Also please note that the working time of our agency on a Visitor visa after a refusal is doubled compared to the standard service of our agency.
For example, the standard service for our consultation is 5 working days for a Visitor visa without refusal, or 10 working days for a Visitor visa after refusal.

Our Priority service in the event of a refusal is 5 working days for a Visitor visa.