UK Visa after refusal


It is very unpleasant to receive a refusal for a UK visa. People have plans connected with this visa, starting from simple trip to the UK ending with joining family members or getting high-paid job.

Each refusal is unique. And in each specific situation you can fight for a visa. In our practice, there are successful cases of receiving a UK visa after several refusals, after a refusal for a spouse visa, after a pre-ban etc.

The most important thing is to take another look at the situation. It is necessary to understand were you made mistakes, what documents and information you can show in addition, and what cover letter to write. And we assist you in that.

Depending on UK visa, you may have the right to apply for an administrative review and for an appeal. Unfortunately, visitor visas don’t have this option. You will have to apply again for such visa.

Our service for visa application after refusal costs 25% more than all normal costs applied to the visa concerned (cost of service and translations).