Few words from our director Yulia Mamonova


Our Director and founding partner - visa expert Yulia Mamonova explains the reasons behind UK.Visas.Consulting and her vision of what visa service should be.

My acquaintance with British visas began in 2009, when I was studying in the UK. At that time, my only thought was about how difficult it was to get this precious stamp in my passport. And in 2011 when I went through receiving a refusal for Tier4 student, I became firmly convinced of how important it was to choose the right agency, which could give the best advice in obtaining the UK visa.

Since that moment and for 6 years, I had been working in a visa agency as the only Visa Expert after refusals from this agency. I was dealing with the most difficult visas, cases that other visa specialists and visa agencies did not want to take, and succeeded. I was not afraid of cases after several refusals and pre-ban for 10 years. I gave advice to my colleagues in complicated cases. And thanks to my work, about 3,000 visas have been received. Many clients have been genuinely touched by the result of my work, and we maintain friendly relations.

I decided to participate in UK.Visas.Consulting creation in order to be able to provide consulting services in the way I see it. With the knowledge of all important moments in visa obtaining, the ways of communication with the British Immigration Service and the British Embassy, I want to provide a helpful expertise.

In april 2018, Yulia Mamonova joined UK.Visas.Consulting bringing her experience as a visa expert veteran dealing with most difficult cases - student Tier4 visas, work Tier1 Tier2 Tier5 general and dependants visas, fiance and spouse visas, visas after refusal.