UK TIER Points-based-system


TIER category (points based system) - is the British immigration opening for migrants to come to study and work in the UK. According to each TIER visa you need to obtain a certain amount of points. The points are awarded if you meet all the requirements.

Usually points are awarded if you show the following documents:

  • CAS/CoS (Confirmation of Acceptance/Certificate of Sponsorship).
  • Diploma,
  • Endorsement Letter,
  • Labour Market Test result,
  • Documents, confirming level of your English,
  • Bank documents, or sponsor’s documents,

and so on...

You can check the information about how many points you need to get per each visa below:

Visa type. Total number of points required
Tier1 Tier1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) 95
Tier2 Tier2 General 70
Tier2 Intra-company Transfer 60
Tier2 Minister of Religion 70
Tier2 Sportsperson 70
Tier4 Tier4 General Student 40
Tier4 Child Student 40
Tier5 Tier5 Temporary Worker - Charity Worker 40
Tier5 Temporary Worker - Creative and Sporting 40
Tier5 Temporary Worker - Government Authorised Exchange 40
Tier5 Temporary Worker - Temporary Worker - International Agreement 40
Tier5 Temporary Worker - Temporary Worker - Religious Worker 40

You need to remember that, even if you obtain all the points, it is not a guarantee that you’ll be issued with a UK visa. Immigration officers check your travel history, credibility of your documents etc.

All informations on this page have been last updated on : 23 March 2019

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